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Over 22,000 companies use mHelpDesk to run their field service businesses and save time. Our mobile system is the easy, fast and secure way to run your team. Spend less time on paper work and more time doing what you love.


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Seamlessly Connect Field and Office

Our mobile and web apps let you take your business anywhere

Web App

Perfect for owners, managers and office staff, our powerful web app can be used on your desktop or tablet. Manage schedules, contact customers, or dispatch your team. Or run reports to manage the productivity of your team.

Mobile App

Built with feedback from field techs, our mobile app allows your on-the-go staff to get all of the information they need and seamlessly syncs with the web app. It even works in "offline mode", in case your team is working in basements or rural areas without a WiFi or cell connection.

Save Time

Double data entry and inefficient communication is time consuming. mHelpDesk is built to create a seamless and automated workflow between office, techs and customers to help everyone save time.

Get Organized

With mHelpDesk you have everything in one place, and available at your finger tips. Our best practices will keep you and your records organized.

Take Payments

No more "slow pay" and "no pay" customers with our fully-integrated payment processing. Allow your customer to easily and quickly pay their invoices online with the click of a button, getting you your money faster! 

Eliminate Errors

When you're using pen and paper or translating data from one printed sheet to another, clerical errors are unavoidable. That's why mHelpDesk automatically copies your estimate data to the job and then invoice, removing the possibility of "oops" mistakes that cost you time and money.

What People Say About Us

“There’s no way we could have hired this many people and gotten so much business had we not had all of those back office systems figured out. It’s been easier growing our company with a system that is so easy and scalable.”

Nick May
CEO, Walls By Design

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Sergie Kalashnikov
CEO at BentoBox

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Bryant Chou
CTO at Slapper Labs